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STEK is a place where various creative entrepreneurs are housed. Since 2014, this business park in the Belcrum district of Breda has been home to studios, office units, workplaces, flexible workplaces, shops and hospitality businesses. The current site is owned by the municipality of Breda STEK is allowed to use it until 2023. Once on the site you will soon notice that recycling and sustainability are of paramount importance. In addition to companies, STEK hosts various events and also organizes open days and tours. You are not allowed to live or sleep on STEK. There are now more than 25 creative entrepreneurs and there is still plenty of room for expansion.

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Guided tours are regularly given at STEK and there are various types of workshops to follow, for example food tastings or other activities. A visit to STEK is a unique addition to a day in Breda and a suitable location for group activities and company outings. There are also regular events on the site, such as Brewda, the Cultuurnacht (Culture night), the STEK market, BredaPhoto and the Christmas STEKtakel. seeBreda is also located on STEK and our highlight bike tourstarts and finishes here.

More Information

Address: Belcrum-Zuid, Veilingkade 9, 4815 HC Breda, Nederland
Website: www.stekbreda.nl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/stekbreda/

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